Djurgårdsvägen 38 - 40

11-14 April 2019

Elastic Gallery
Johan Berggren Gallery



Opening hours: 
11.4 / 17:00-20:00
12.4 / 13:00-19:00
13.4 / 12:00-17:00
14.4 / 12:00-17:00

Monopol was initiated 2013 as an alternative to the fair as an exhibition form, and is based on a collaboration between the galleries, who curate the group show together, exhibiting both the artists they represent alongside invited international artists. Monopol takes generosity as a point of departure and the exhibition grows from a close dialogue. The exhibition has a free entrance all days and all are welcome to visit Spritmuseum and view works from many generations and countries.

Previous exhibitions

Monopol 2018 @ Spritmuseum

Catrin Andersson / Willem Andersson / Julia Bondesson
Rodolfo Dias Cervantes / Johanna Gustafsson furst / Öyvind Fahlström / Charline von Heyl / Inez Jönsson / Camilla Löw Andreas Mangione /Przemek Pyszczek / Seth Price
Rosemarie Trockel

Presented by 
Elastic Gallery / Johan Berggren Gallery / Belenius

The second edition of Monopol was arranged in 2018 by Belenius, Elastic Gallery and Johan Berggren Gallery at Spritmuseum at Royal Djurgården.


Monopol 2013 @ Norrmalmstorg 12

Dave Allen / Willem Andersson / Alfred Boman / Mihut Boscu
Luca Frei / Goldin + Sennby / Johanna Gustafsson Fürst / Maria Hedlund / Lars TCF Holdhus / Yngve Holen / Institutt for Degenerert Kunst / Karl Norin / Camilla Löw / Per Mårtensson Rolf Nowotny / Pind / Evan Roth / Astrid Svangren

Presented by 
Crystal Gallery / Christian Andersen / Elastic Gallery / Johan Berggren Gallery / Belenius

The first edition of Monopol took place at Norrmalmstorg back in 2013. Five of Scandinavias best younger galleries presented a mutual exhibition with new works by internationally active artists. The galleries that wanted an alternative to the traditional artfair form was Christian Andersen, Copenhagen, Belenius, Stockholm, Johan Berggren Gallery, Malmö, Chrystal, Stockholm and Elastic Gallery Malmö.