Dick Hedlund
B. 1986. (SE)   

Dick Hedlund (S) b. 1985 Elastic Gallery shows new works by Hedlund, where he works in textile materials which reminds us of shell jackets or sleeping bags for advanced adventurers, pewter and climbing ropes. In the new works for Monopol the materials are allowed to be even in the front, the combination of ropes, pewter and high tech fabrics that have left the two-dimensional space and entered the room. Hedlund presented his second solo show Settle down and drift out at the gallery in the spring 2018.

© Dick Hedlund
Courtesy the artist and Elastic Gallery, Stockholm



Oskar Korsár 
B. 1977. (SE)

Oskar Korsár (S) b.1977. Belenius shows new works on paper by Oskar Korsár, together with a few sculptures. There is a strong narrative dimension in Korsár’s drawings. They are characterized by their details, even if they appear to be sketches at a first glance. Delicately he depicts moments in life and keeps the figures in the drawings and bronze sculptures alive. Korsár is represented in Moderna Museet’s collection och has done several public commissions.

© Oskar Korsár 
Courtesy the artist and Belenius Stockholm


Jone Kvie
B. 1971. (NO)

Jone Kvie (N) b. 1971. Elastic Gallery shows Jone Kvie who previously has sculpted archaic shapes such as meteorites, gas clouds and stalactites. Kvie’s work reminds us of our past, present and future, and how we navigate in the memory of these times. In the works Cornflower, 2019 and Lava Flower1-3, 2019 Knie works in glass for the first time, using the moment and the material’s passing, heated condition. Kvie inaugurated the gallery space at Ulrikagatan 15, winter 2017/18. In the fall he participate in a group show at Bonniers Konsthall and with his hitherto largest museum exhibition, in his town of birth, Stavanger Art Museum, Norway.

© Jone Kvie
Courtesy the artist and Elastic Gallery, Stockholm



Maria Lassnig 
B. 1919-2014. (AT)

Maria Lassnig (AT) 1919 – 2014. Johan Berggren Gallery shows works by the Austrian artist Maria Lassnig. Her particular world of images of bodily distortions and transformations from the 1970s and forward, appears more and more relevant in our time of bodily fixation. Her in a way cold tone in choices of colours recalls a feeling of science fiction portends the contemporary thoughts of bodily exchangeability, robotising and our way towards the artificial, connected stage. Her consequent dark humour and great humanity places her in a tradition of female artists that unfortunately reach recognition very late in lift or even posthumously. The Maria Lassnig Foundation, to whom we are very grateful, makes the collaboration possible.

© Maria Lassnig
Courtesy the artist 
Maria Lassnig Foundation 

Presented by Johan Berggren Gallery, Malmö



Jeanette Mundt 
B. 1982. (US)  

Jeanette Mundt (US) b. 1982. Belenius in collaboration with Société, Berlin, shows new works by Mundt. She is educated at the Pratt Institute. Mundts painting is often based on appropriation, with images from art history and popular culture. Mundt has exhibited at among other, Société, Lisson Gallery, New Museum and Gavin Brown Enterprise. She is a part of the Whitney Biennial, 2019 in New York.

Jeanette Mundt 
Taking a Hallow Diet
Oil on canvas
121,9 x 91,4 cm

© Jeanette Mundt  
Courtesy the artist Société, Berlin 

Presented by Belenius Stockholm



Tobias Pils 
B. 1971. (AT)

Tobias Pils (AT) b. 1971, Johan Berggren Gallery courtesy of Galerie Gisela Capitain, Köln, shows Tobias Pils. This last half decade Tobias Pils has been exhibited in different European institutional contexts and earned fame for his unique way of combining figurative and abstract elements in his investigation of artistic integrity and harmony. In a swirling universe of black and white tones, Pils offers his own syntax alas with resonance of a whole century of art history and theory. In his vivid works one can find traces of visual influences from Picasso to Freud, comics, surrealism and assemblage.

Tobias Pils, Night, 2019, Mixed media on canvas, 256 x 200 cm

©Tobias Pils
Courtesy the artist and Galerie Gisela Capitain, Köln 

Presented by Johan Berggren Gallery, Malmö



Bunny Rogers 
B. 1990. (US)

Bunny Rogers b. 1990. (US) Belenius and Société shows Rogers who is a visual artist, poet and performer, based in New York. Her works have been exhibited in international solo exhibitions at among other Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt (2019); Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles (2018); Whitney Museum of Art, New York (2017); and Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris (2015). She has exhibited in group shows at Foundation Louis Vuitton, Paris (2018); Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek (2017); The Rubell Family Collection, Miami (2016) and Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, Turin (2015).

The work of artist and poet Bunny Rogers explores our understanding of isolation and belonging, particularly how such conditions correspond to experiences of loss, trauma, alienation, intimacy, and community. At Monopol she shows the sculpture Chia Statue, a depiction of a character in the popular game NeoPets. She also shows stills from the performace Grandpa (as Clone for Jeanne D’Arc).

Bunny Rogers
Chia Statue (Bunny lavendel)
mixed media (unique)
180 x 110 x 120 cm

© Bunny Rogers
Courtesy the artist and Société, Berlin

Presented by 
Belenius Stockholm



Magnus Thierfelder
B. 1976. (SE)

Magnus Thierfelder (S) b. 1976, Elastic Gallery shows Thierfelders A drop in the Ocean, 2019 a pulsating drop of water that speaks of the fragility of our planet and our bare necessities. Like a fish panting for air on land. Odd days, 2019 is a sculptural video work where the placement of blinds create a feeling of inside and outside. And where the dancing strings laughs at our attempt to capture the feeling in the room.

© Magnus Thierfelder
Courtesy the artist and Elastic Gallery, Stockholm



Charlotte Walentin 

Charlotte Walentin (S) b. 1966, Elastic Gallery shows new works by Charlotte Walentin. In the series Foldmade by folded canvas, Walentin uses the format 300x150 cm and presents square textile sculptures. The folds in the work hide and expose. At a first glance the reference is clothing, but as enlarged details. The shapes of Walentin’s works is the material’s. The artist has to obey or force the material to find the expression of the work.

© Charlotte Walentin 
Courtesy the artist and Elastic Gallery, Stockholm



Ulla Wiggen 
B. 1942. (SE)

Ulla Wiggen (S) b. 1942, Belenius shows works by Wiggen, who can ibe said to be part of a greater hyper realistic tradition. She began her career in the 60s, painting motifs based on electrical components and the inside of mechanics, specifically printed circuit boards. On wood panel her paintings show us the inner mysteries of what man created in mechanics. Wiggen is also a psychotherapist, which can be noted in her works from 1969 to this day. She also explores the inside of the human body and its conditions, similar to educational posters from medicine. Her later works include motifs of irises and what can be interpreted as the inside of brains and organs. She is represented in the Moderna Museet collection and other museum collections, and is part of a grup exhibition at Galerie Buchholz, New York.

Ulla Wiggen, Iris II, 2017, ccrylic on panel, 45x44 cm 

© Ulla Wiggen
Courtesy the artist and Belenius, Stockholm



Michael Williams
B.1979. (US)

Michael Williams (US) b. 1978, Johan Berggren Gallery in collaboration with Galerie Eva Presenhuber Zurich exhibits Williams.In his works there’s a lifeful system of sources behind the different pictures, and yet in them there is no feeling of an inner hierarchy. Williams keeps digging in the great American tradition of comics, animated movies and the digital, pictorial world. They begin as sketches by hand, and before its completion transforms into a digital framing where the files get completed. In short, his works are digital files belonging in that world but are printed or birthed into this world. In some cases, the pictorial gesture is completely eliminated, and the canvas is untouched by the brush, and in other cases they can be colorized in harmony with aspects of the composition and the will of the situational art.

Michael Williams, 5, 2015
Inkjet on canvas, 285 x 216 x 3,5 cm

© Michael Williams
Courtesy the artist, Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich / New York

Presented by Johan Berggren Gallery, Malmö

Photo: Stefan Altenburger Photography, Zurich